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Why so quiet?

Not much happening over here lately. But, hey, check out my other projects:

UUSE Camping, Labor Day 2008

We just got back from a great UUSE camping trip to Savoy Mountain State Forest in Massachuetts over Labor Day weekend.

We enjoyed camping, boating, cooking outside and taking a long hike (massive, if you’re a 4-year old).

I’ve got a set of photos here.

UUSE Camping, Memorial Day 2008

We just got back from a great UUSE camping trip to North Truro, MA on Cape Cod over Memorial Day weekend.

I’ve tagged photos from the trip with uusecamping, which you can view by clicking here.

Davidson Reunion

Over the past weekend, my family and I were in Davidson for our 10th Reunion. We had a great time seeing everybody and how things had changed.

Anthony Mackaronis started a group on Snapfish to collate pictures from the event. I’m not sure if you need an invite to contribute (just let me know).

I also tagged some pictures on Flickr with ‘davidson199810yearreunion’, which you can view and/or add to if you’d like.

Beware of battle-elephant

Sword and Shield

I had a very enjoyable weekend hanging out with my son, Jackson. This is just a brief post with a picture of the fruits of our labor - a battle-elephant-topped shield to match the sword we made a couple months ago. It’s been on my to do list for a while now and I’m happy we’ve finally finished it.

For the curious, it’s a kitchen cutting board, cut down the middle (we made two shields the same size), painted silver over a black ‘primer’ coat, with a battle-elephant stenciled on the top (blue for this one, red for the other one). He and his 4-week-old sister are really going to have fun playing with them.

Announcing Charlotte!

Wow! I’m proud to announce that my second child, Charlotte Haymond Lee, was born August 14, 2007. We’re so happy with everything; Jamie and baby are doing great. Please visit my announcement site, here:

FileMaker DevCon 2007

Proof just got back from the 2007 Filemaker Developer Conference in Orlando. From what I hear it was a great conference this year. I couldn’t make it because my wife is due any day now (I’ll post when it happens).

fmSparkIn business news, please check the Proof website for information regarding our newly-announce fmSpark communications tool for consolidated email, letters and labels.

Also, there’s a dispatch from the opening and closing sessions of DevCon over on The FileMaker Collective which is a good read if you missed the conference like I did. I hope to make it next year.

The FileMaker Collective

I’m now a contributor to The FileMaker Collective and have just submitted my first post, on Google Mapping in FileMaker. I hope you enjoy. Comments are welcome.

New Job

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be beginning a new phase in my professional life. I’ve accepted a position with The Proof Group LLC. This won’t be a complete departure from what I’ve been doing the last 6 years (e.g. FileMaker, consulting, custom projects, etc.), so it will seem very natural to me.

There aren’t many details as yet, because it’s still very new. However, we’re ramping up quickly, so I’m sure there will be news soon. Check back here or at their page for more info as it becomes available.

My last day at iR

JacksonTomorrow is my last day at inRESONANCE. It’s been an amazing number of years. I’ve worked with some of the brightest FileMaker developers and consultants around and I’ve been involved in some pretty interesting projects over those years. My experience here will be hard to replicate and it will never be exactly the same anywhere else. I’m leaving for a variety of reasons, but the most important reason is my family - that’s my son to the right.

Good luck to everyone at the company and good luck to all the clients I’ve worked with. Please use my Contact Me page if you wish to send me a note.


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