Totem at Virginia WaterHi, I’m Mike Lee. I was born and raised in North Carolina. Back in 1998, my wife and I moved to Connecticut to allow her to pursue her research in Clinical Psychology (she’s now in her internship year and is almost done with her PhD).

From 1998 until 2001, I worked at The Foote School full-time and Yale University part-time in New Haven, CT. Most of my work kept me local, running a computer lab, helping faculty, and modernizing internet services at Foote and general IT consulting with Yale. Representing the epitome of urban living, I walked to work every day.

From 2001-2007, I worked at inRESONANCE, INC. in Northampton, MA. Since my first fall, travel has been part of my job. Some of the more exotic destinations include London and Moscow. But, I’ve also done a ton of work in New Jersey and throughout the Northeast.

Along with the job change in 2001, we also bought our first house in Manchester, CT - a circa 1736 colonial (literally) on about an acre of land (rare, for Manchester, for those who know the area). A consequence of our more suburban lifestyle was the demise of my 4-block commute to work. Now, it’s something like a hour each way up & down I-91.

In 2007 I started a new adventure with The Proof Group LLC. The beginnings have been auspicious, so we’ll see where it leads. Check back here or their site for details as they arise.